Board Members

North Utility District of Rhea County

Invitation to the Customers of NUDRC for a Commissioner Position

The Board of Directors of the North Utility District invites you to participate in your Utility District operations as a Commissioner.

The North Utility District is a not-for-profit Corporation operated under and controlled by Tennessee State Codes. Its Finances are audited and regulated by the Tennessee Division of Municipal Audit and its Board of Directors is appointed by the Rhea County Executive to serve a 4 year term. At the expiration date or the resignation date of a Commissioner the members of the Board are required to present a list of three willing to serve candidates for the open seat. The County Executive has 30 days to select the replacement Commissioner or reject all of them. In the latter case the Board must submit another three new candidates and the same process occurs. If a third round of three new candidates is required the County Executive must either select one or then the county legislative body must appoint a commissioner from any of the three lists of nominees previously submitted.

 It has always seemed difficult to recruit new Board Members because there is some work involved, including meeting State training requirements to teach the Commissioners their fiduciary and ethical responsibilities, at least 12 hours of Commissioner training, at an approved site, during the first year of term.  Complete at least an additional 12 hours of continuation training, at an approved site, prior to reappointment to a subsequent term.  Attendance at Board meetings and availability to cosign checks for the operation of the Utility business are also requirements for Board Members.

If you are interested in the operations of a Water Utility and would like to serve as a Commissioner, we would appreciate if you would please write us a letter to that effect.

Board Meeting Information

Board meetings are held on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 4:00 pm EST.
Meetings are located at: 23928 Rhea County Highway Spring City, TN 37381